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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to the condition where the nerves and blood vessels going into the hand are compressed by tightness in the wrist. Unfortunately, many cases of numbness or tingling in the hands, due to other problems are misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome and therefore the treatment is ineffective. The same nerves that can be compressed or irritated at the wrist may also be compressed or irritated in the forearm, at the elbow, in the shoulder or in the neck. A thorough history and examination is therefore imperative in order to gain an accurate diagnosis that allows quick and effective treatment of this problem.

This problem is actually quite common in today’s society due to the postural and biomechanical issues associated with desk work, computers, smartphones, long commutes and everything else that keeps us in a sitting position for hours each day. Our bodies are made to move through large ranges of motion and our sedentary lives often lead to injuries like this.