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New Patients

Our Treatment Philosophy

Our goal at Redlands Spine & Sport is to get our patients well as quickly as possible. We achieve this goal by determining an accurate diagnosis of what is causing the problem and then using the most appropriate treatment techniques to help the body heal.

In addition to the variety of services we offer in office, we like our patients to take an active role in their own treatment by consistently performing the therapeutic stretches and exercises we prescribe for them. By working together with our patients we expect to see significant improvement in just a few visits.

Office Photo Tour
Redlands Spine & Sport has a new state of the art facility with digital x-ray, high-speed video movement analysis, physical therapy, and exercise equipment on-site.

Your First Visit

At Redlands Spine & Sport we consider the first visit to be the most important visit in our office. During this visit, we gather all of the information necessary to determine an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Only once an accurate diagnosis is achieved can we determine the best treatment program for your condition.

When you first come to our office we will take a complete medical history. This medical history will guide the subsequent physical examination. This examination will include measurement of ranges of motion, orthopedic and neurological testing, palpation and possibly x-rays. While x-rays are not always necessary, we do have a digital x-ray unit in-house so we can see view the x-rays within minutes to gather the needed information. Once we have completed this examination we can move forward with the proper treatment that will begin your road to recovery.


Payment Options


We accept PPO insurance plans both in and out of network. We will gladly verify your insurance benefits for you to determine what coverage you have in our office. We are in network with Blue Shield PPO, Medicare, and United Health Care.

Personal Injury Cases

We will accept most personal injury cases on a lien basis. While an attorney is not always needed for a personal injury case, if one is required for your case we can refer you to a good local attorney.

No Insurance

If you do not have insurance benefits you can still receive the care you need. Many of our patients pay directly for their care, as they find our services to be extremely cost effective and affordable.
We accept cash, checks and most credit cards including Visa, Mastercard,  Discover Card, and American Express.