1455 West Park Ave. Redlands, CA 92373


Toby W.
Neck Pain

With each visit the pain melted away like Dr. Donia had magic power. Amazing experience, well run front office. I would highly recommend.

Charlie H.
back and shoulder pain

He’s the reason I can still play baseball

Mark S.

Thanks to Dr. Donia my neck and shoulder trauma has significantly subsided. My Headaches and neck pain has virtually disappeared.

Niza D.
plantar fasciitis

My son and I both suffered from plantar fasciitis for almost a year before finally going to Redlands Spine & Sport. We were treated using ART, ultrasound and specific stretches and exercises for our individual strength and flexibility issues and we no longer suffer from foot pain. My son continues to play baseball competitively without pain and I am now actively running again!

Brian F.
hamstring injury

Dr. Donia has helped me finally recover from an old hamstring injury. As a cyclist I would experience flare ups anytime I rode hard or added miles. It got bad enough to keep me from riding. Using ART Dr. Donia was able to increase my flexibility and get me back on the bike.

Mary G.
Neck and back pain

Dr. Donia, you are one of the special doctors who go out of their way for others and I am grateful that you were there for me.